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"She called me from across continents...The silent voice within vibrating...

Love out pouring from my heart ...and I knew it was Her."

The Cosmic Mother

Read Story of The  Call

Sacred Altar 




Canvas wall.

Earth Pigments,

Gold Leaf

Gemstone Powders:

  • Amethyst

  • Lapis lazuli

  • Rose Quartz


Codes of Creation embedded for your Awakening to our Oneness.




Original - Hand Painted reproduction - limited series 


Hand painted copy any sizes


Canvas giclee prints  available.






 "Minouche, You came on this planet with a very elevated purpose. You are the connection between the human hearts and Source, specifically, The Divine FeminineThis connection is made through your visionary paintings.' David Kitts.Metaphysical healing  Acupuncture .fairfax CA

The Cosmic Mother is infused with Source Codes of Creation to support awakening to our Oneness.


 The divine frequencies are carried in the painting's sacred geometry, gemstones, gold leaf, and colors, as well as well as through my prayers,  infused in each stroke.   Blessings of  Her guidance enable our DNA to remember our Source.


 Meditating on this painting and the seed of life depicted in the center of the painting opens our heart. We can connect with Source and return home to our own Divine Self.



The Aramaic letters on the painting are from ancient texts. 


At the top:

"As I speak, I create",


At the bottom:

“ I renew all my relationships, I start fresh, I use love words.”


This means, when I use love words, I renew all relationships including to my myself.

It inspires greater self-love, to in turn better love others.


 As we speak, we create, speaking love words and remembering our Oneness allows us to forgive and  accept ourselves and others, finding peace within and radiating out peace. 


 The Cosmic Mother is a portal back Home to unconditional love and creativity. That is the essence of life itself. This painting is a sacred catalyst and beacon of Love, a portal transmitting the healing power of Love.


I invite you to discover the spiritual and healing properties of the powder of gemstones that are embedded in the painting.

Amethyst, lapis lazuli and rose quartz.






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