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She called me from across continents.
I felt my heart vibrating, Love outpouring, touched by a divine presence, deeply moved, tears upwelling.
And I knew it was Her .......

Sacred Altar 




Canvas wall.

Earth Pigments,

Gold Leaf

Gemstone Powders:

  • Amethyst

  • Lapis lazuli

  • Rose Quartz


Codes of Creation embedded for your Awakening to our Oneness.




For Hand Painted reproduction - lor giclee prints museum quality, any sizes, please, 





 "Minouche, You came on this planet with a very elevated purpose. You are the connection between the human hearts and Source, specifically, The Divine FeminineThis connection is made through your visionary paintings.' David Kitts.Metaphysical healing  Acupuncture .fairfax CA


At the top of the painting, in Aramaic letters, it is written:
As I speak, I create.
At the bottom:
I use love words to renew all my relationships, including to myself.

The Cosmic Mother painting is featured at the Fairfax Community Church, in Fairfax, CA, where many come to pray or to dance with Her.






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