“You came on this planet with a very elevated purpose. You are the connection between the human hearts and the Source, specifically the Divine Feminine.This connection is made through your visionary paintings.”

—David Kitts,

I love commissioned visionary painting!

 As a healing artist, my commissioned soul portraits allow the integration of the human heart with spiritual or divine expression. 

Empowering, Tranformative and Life Path Affirming; remembering our true nature and the gifts we are here to embody and deliver at the service to humanity awakening, peace and unity.


Brigid - Goddess of Poetry -

Altar Cloth- Visionary Art 

"It reminds me of my true course

in life.

this is a gift to my soul,

a call, a path."

Kim Rosen , Author, Poet, Guide.   

Private Collection.


Sharing Bounty

No Hunger - No Poverty 

The Golden Child.

commissioned by

Grandmother Flordemayo

The Path, NM 

Testimonial: "The soul portrait was a huge success in every way and my dad absolutely loved it as did everybody else. Everyone was really amazed and felt it as the perfect representation of my dad! I continue to feel so much gratitude and reverence for your work and how it touches people. Thank you
Payton Tontz MFT


Grandmother Flordemayo   receiving the sacred seed bundle for the children to come 

Grandmother Flordemayo. The Seed Temple . NM


Seed of Love - detail-

.-Private collection of Lauren Arrow



Tracy Soul Portrait


Payton Soul Portrait


Seed of Love

Private collectiom of Lauren Arrow

Gaia s Womb  copy of my original painting . 36x36" $2500

Hand painted copy of my original can be commissioned.