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“You came on this planet with a very elevated purpose. You are the connection between the human hearts and the Source, specifically the Divine Feminine.This connection is made through your visionary paintings.”

—David Kitts,

I love commissioned visionary painting and Soul Portrait !

 As a healing artist, my commissioned soul portraits allow the integration of the human heart with spiritual or divine expression. 

Empowering, Tranformative and Life Path Affirming; remembering our true nature and the gifts we are here to embody and deliver at the service to humanity awakening, peace and unity.

Kim s altar cloth .png


Brigid - Goddess of Poetry -

Altar Cloth- Visionary Art 

"It reminds me of my true course

in life.

this is a gift to my soul,

a call, a path."

Kim Rosen , Author, Poet, Guide.   

Private Collection.



Sharing Bounty

No Hunger - No Poverty 

8-Richard Tontz soul portrait painting b
Soul Portrait Barbara by Minouche Gragli
Soul Portrait: Barbara
payton test bro_edited_edited.jpg

Testimonial: "The soul portrait was a huge success in every way and my dad absolutely loved it as did everybody else. Everyone was really amazed and felt it as the perfect representation of my dad! I continue to feel so much gratitude and reverence for your work and how it touches people. Thank you
Payton Tontz  PHd MFT


Zelda portrait.jpeg


Seed of Love - detail-

.-Private collection of Lauren Arrow


1 Tracy Brien Soul Portrait by Minouche

Soul Portrait: Tracy -@ Wu Wei -Fairfax CA

Soul Portrait: Payton 

Payton s Soul Journey by minouche-gragli

The Golden Child.

commissioned by

Grandmother Flordemayo

The Path, NM 

Flordemayo; s vision .  Seeds bundles fo

Grandmother Flordemayo   receiving the sacred seed bundle for the children to come 

Grandmother Flordemayo. The Seed Temple . NM

Gaia s Womb original copy by Minouche Gr

Gaia s Womb  copy of my original painting . 36x36" $2500

Hand painted copy of my original can be commissioned.

Seed of Love by minouche -gragliacom Lau


Seed of Love

Private collectiom of Lauren Arrow

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