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"Minouche's work is humble and profound. She carries a spirit of love and healing with her and transmits it to those who see her work." -Healing Art magazine quote

Minouche Graglia, healing artist of visionary and sacred painting as a healing art


Minouche's artwork blends iconography and narrative which, in their deep earth tones, speak directly to the viewer's heart. Interaction with her work opens your heart and connects you with a rich flow, the essence of life itself--healing, soothing, challenging and encouraging us to be more fully alive".

Ken Ludden, Director Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet.NY


I do not choose the painting, the painting chooses me


I am an artist of visionary painting as well as a healer and clairvoyant. Many testified my work to be a healing art for individuals and the planet condition.


.I receive visions from the spiritual world that I capture on large canvases, using earth pigments, gold leaf and powder from gemstones. 

I pray and sing sacred chants as I weave sacred symbols into portraits of people and Nature. 

I paint to awaken the viewers to our interconnectedness with all of existence, opening them to greater love for themselves and Creation.


 Transformative and healing,  my paintings are catalysts and beacons of love, peace, and unity.


"No one could paint like this without the Spirit behind them". Native Vllage magazine.

Minouche with

Louca Bornemann  her son 

 The Elementals - by Minouche Graglia -

Love Offering Donation...

 I create my visionary paintings from deep guidance, and from my heart... 

If you have received in any way or felt the healing touch of these powerful transformative paintings, and you feel inclined to provide a love offering,  I would be grateful.

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As an art project director, Minouche has dedicated her skills to support children of all ages to deepen, strengthen and expand their own heart voice and creativity. Using earth pigments in various projects she brought to the children the awareness of the importance to respect and protect our environment as well as caring for our health.

Amazing art pieces created by the children in her art classes have successfully raised large funds to support children's education and rights in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"Make a Wish" Association- Marin Schools - Marin Coalition against Human Trafficking to name a few.


Minouche is also a gifted healer also trained in many holistic healing modalities focusing on redirecting energy for the inner ability of the body to heal.

She is a modern mystic a channel and clairvoyant 

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Minouche and her son Loucas

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