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Brigid - Celtic Goddess of Poetry - Altar Cloth- Visionary Art - .

"It reminds me of my true course in life. this is a gift to my soul, a call, a path." Kim Rosen , Author, Poet, Guide.   Private Collection.


Payton Soul Portrait 
"Guilt and fear of judgement are gone since the painting is in my life. This is a deep healing and integration process."
Payton T. MFT.PHD.

1 Tracy Brien Soul Portrait by Minouche

Tracy Brien Soul portrait:

“I love my soul portrait, filled with energy, a tapestry of stories never told. Minouche captured my soul in such a way that when other people see it, they receive the transmission! Everyone, should have a soul portrait a deep reminder of who they are.“

Tracy Brien - Wu Wei tea house owner. Fairfax.

8-Richard Tontz soul portrait painting b
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Testimonial: "The soul portrait was a huge success in every way and my dad absolutely loved it as did everybody else. Everyone was really amazed and felt it as the perfect representation of my dad! I continue to feel so much gratitude and reverence for your work and how it touches people. Thank you
.Payton Tontz MFT

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Barbara Soul Portrait.

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 Portrait for Letterhead of  

The S.H.E Funds 

The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council