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Kim s altar cloth .png
Kate soul portrait_edited.jpg
Brigid - Celtic Goddess of Poetry - Altar Cloth- Visionary Art - .
"It reminds me of my true course in life. this is a gift to my soul, a call, a path."
Kim Rosen , Author, Poet, Guide.   Private Collection.
Kate Soul Portrait. It is for Kate to write her Truth discovered during her journey while her soul portrait was done. An interactive painting into the depth of Kate's soul.

Payton Soul Portrait 
"Guilt and fear of judgement are gone since the painting is in my life. This is a deep healing and integration process."
Payton T. MFT.PHD.

1 Tracy Brien Soul Portrait by Minouche

Tracy Brien Soul portrait:

“I love my soul portrait, filled with energy, a tapestry of stories never told. Minouche captured my soul in such a way that when other people see it, they receive the transmission! Everyone, should have a soul portrait a deep reminder of who they are.“

Tracy Brien - Wu Wei tea house owner. Fairfax.

8-Richard Tontz soul portrait painting b
payton test bro_edited_edited.jpg

Testimonial: "The soul portrait was a huge success in every way and my dad absolutely loved it as did everybody else. Everyone was really amazed and felt it as the perfect representation of my dad! I continue to feel so much gratitude and reverence for your work and how it touches people. Thank you
.Payton Tontz MFT

Barbara F. Soul portrtait 1 by Minouche Graglia.jpg

Barbara Soul Portrait.

Zelda portrait.jpeg
Susan Soul Portrait .
terisia-page-001 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

 Portrait for Letterhead of  

The S.H.E Funds 

Peace Makers - The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council 
Mural: Earth pigments  on canvas . 5'x 8' 
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