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"Experiencing this piece, my healing process has opened up, starting feeling love for myself,this warm little feeling deep inside." Eduardo Barr

Prayers for the Children,Visionary Healing Art, a traveling Altar.

This interactive painting is a catalyst and a beacon of Love, a traveling altar to raise awareness of the situation of the children in the world. Blessed in sacred ceremonies in USA and  Europe by spiritual leaders of all walk of life.

Interview on sacred art.process.The Lightbox Kathryn Davison.

Terra Madre visionary painting:Minouche Graglia

Vocals: Christine,Hodil


.Terra Madre - Visionary Art - 
As I was in the presence of the ancient crystal skull Sha Na Ra at the Song and Spirit center, I received this magnificent vision and how Life was born on Earth. All from the same Source. 


Deep gratitude to Christine Hodil who sang her beautiful inspired vocals of the painting.


 Please note that the website Earthspiritdecor in the credits is no longer existing. 

Peace Makers visionary painting:Minouche Graglia

Inspired Song: Christine Hodil


I remember meeting you that day a few years ago -- the light you shone and your healing hands Dear Minouche -.It is exciting to rejoin our paths and move in sync supporting such leaders of our time.

Congratulations on your gift to the world!

Jensine Larsen,
World Pulse founder

Read The Call and the story behind the painting on Pulsewire

How i became a visionary artist :

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