Mandala: Visionary Healing Art

"i feel, Minouche s Heart Awareness mandala pulls me into my Center, into my Heart, my infinite and personal Heart". Reverent Christine Hodil,metaphysical healer.


 Gaia's Womb / The Source Within  

Visionary art by Minouche Graglia

Original Natural,Green Earth Pigments and non toxic binder for fabric

66" x 66" (168cm x 168cm)  wall canvas


$ 5,250

This painting is on canvas free of frame,ready to be hang on a rod ot it will be stretched on a wood frame at your convenience.

The inspiration
Gaia s Crystal Womb / The Universe Within
"In the center of Earth is a crystal
in the center of the crystal, the stars "
Said the voice as I was channeling Light from Source

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Gaia s  Womb / the Universe within Copyright ©2012 Minouche Graglia. All rights reserved.


Ancient Wisdom

Whales guardian of the Sacred Flame on the Altar of Knowledge

visionary art by Minouche Graglia

Original  Natural and Green Earth Pigments
68" x 68" (172cm x 172cm) canvas mural.

This painting is on canvas free of frame 

$ 5,250


The inspiration

As I was sitting with the ancient crystal skull MAX, I was given this

beautiful vision of the Sacred Flame on the altar with a specific

shape, in the ocean.I trusted the vision, painted it and I thought

that was it !

That night the Whales came and said they wanted to be in

the painting too.....So I did.

Now the painting, the message and healing energy it carries, is complete


Copyright ©2012 Minouche Graglia. All rights reserved.

​Heart Awareness​​

Visionary art by Minouche Graglia​

Original Natural Earth Pigments on a 60 x 60" (152cm x 152cm) 

Private collection of the Queen of Misore . India. 

The inspiration
Heart Awareness is a powerful mandala based on sacred geometry and

color energies. At the center the stellated dodecahedron represents the earth grid or Christ Consciousness.Around it the knot pattern,the representation of the Heart.Rendered in a mandala, sacred circle,this visionary piece was guided by Archangel Metratron.

​This painted is to meditate with or simply feel its energy harmonizing

your own Heart as well as the space around it;​​

​​Heart Awareness Copyright ©2012 Minouche Graglia. All rights reserved.

Gaia s Womb 

Copy of the original with modified colors.

Stretched canvas 36"x36"

$ 2.500