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How has art changed you?
Art has further opened my heart. It has expanded my awareness. It has refined my communication with all life.
I learned to listen to my body, my feelings, and my intuition -- through practicing various kinds of art.
All this has had a ripple effect and has helped me be more connected, authentic, and alive.
I developed the art of communication using colors and shapes.
Suddenly, one day, I made my first painting directed by intuitive messages from the world of spirit.
This leap of faith changed my life. I became a spiritually guided artist, conveying messages of love, peace, and unity.

What is the role of spirituality in your life?.
My guiding force is my spirituality. It is the wisdom, infinite love, compassion, and intelligence beyond the human realm.
This is the Source that inspires me and my creativity. It is the love radiating from the depth of my true heart.
It’s a conversation between my soul and the Source of all souls.
Spiritual practices help me to connect, to listen, to be present with all forms of life.
They help me to be a better expression of who I am -- to speak a language of Love in Action. My intention is to serve the highest good there is.

What is the role of art in transformation, both at the personal and at the global level?
Since cave paintings were created, art has been a road map of human evolution.
Art is a language that connects all the different faces of the human race -- it speaks directly to the heart.
Art is a source of healing, creation, and transformation -- it awakens the artist and viewer's feelings, thoughts, and inspirations.
When one achieves an art piece, a part of who they are is fulfilled, transforming the artist at a core level.
When one evolves, so does the world.
That experience then becomes part of the field of consciousness for all life.
Art plays a critical role in enabling human culture to transcend its own limitations and constantly evolve toward higher forms.

How do you plan to develop your art as it reflects in your ongoing spiritual journey?
My intention is to immerse myself even deeper in conversation with the spiritual world -- to be guided to reach the full potential of my work in service to my fellow humans, nature, the planet, and Spirit.
This is the reason I am applying for this grant: to free myself from the financial constraints that limit my time and my energy. The grant will support me in sharing the messages of Oneness and Peace that are conveyed in my work.

What are your thoughts for the new work you want to create?
My new piece is entitled "The 13 Keys of Creation”.
I am inviting mystics friends, from all walks of faith, to offer one key each from the guidance of their own heart..
I will integrate these keys into a painting using gold leaf.
This spiritually guided piece will be a collective vision; a co-creation, and a bridge between various cultures and the spiritual world.
The intention is a love offering to the viewer. My purpose is to support the current shift and evolution of human consciousness.


Please provide a biography.

Over time, Minouche Graglia has become an artist whose spiritually guided paintings raise the awareness of Oneness. Has this been the Universe at work?

Born in Southern France in 1957, she was imbued with the beauty of frescoes everywhere -- on walls, in houses, in churches.
The house she grew up in had some natural pigments leftover in jars. They had been used to create patterns of orange fruits against blue lapis lazuli beneath the eaves.
Minouche remembers: "I would play with the pigments, making a ‘healing potion’, searching for a cure for cancer.
At church, I was mesmerized by the wall paintings, filled with admiration for Jesus, and I prayed to Mother Mary. "

As a child, the natural world was her playmate and her companion.
"As a little girl, I saw divine grace in the movement of a pristine stream running down a trail, sparkling in the sunlight - like laughter. And it made me happy!
I still perceive sacredness in everything I see".
This is when Minouche developed a genuine love for the earth, and for all forms of Life.

At age 10, Minouche was touched by the Healing Grace of Mother Mary. It saved her from severe sunstroke and allowed her to keep living.
This set her on her path as a healer.

Her childhood appreciation for the ancestral tradition of the painting technique that uses earth pigments led her to study at and receive a diploma
from the International School of Frescoes, San Servolo, in Venice.
For over a decade, Minouche worked in Europe, creating murals and rehabilitating frescoes in churches like the Church of the Sacred Heart in Beaulieu, France.

In 1998, Minouche made Marin County, CA her home.
At her son, Loucas' school, Minouche dedicated her skills to empowering children of all ages to express their creativity and to respect our natural environment.
Through her art pieces, funds were raised to support children's education, their dreams and their rights in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2002, a voice in her head clearly said to her, "You are going blind."
As if by magic, a series of fortuitous synchronicities led her to a successful surgery. It saved this visual artist from losing her sight from glaucoma.

Church frescoes. Love of nature. Divine Grace. Her sight saved. All of this prepared Minouche to...
receive her first clearly articulated message from the spiritual world in 2004:


No fewer than three times over a 3 year period, her focus was directed to the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.
"The third time, I broke into tears; my body was shaking. I knew in my heart that these were the peace leaders to paint."

She dedicated six months of her life to rendering a 5’ x 8’ mural using earth pigments on canvas, called, “Peace Makers,” Up until this point, she had not made a single portrait.
"To take a moment to meditate with Minouche's painting, "Peace Makers", is a spiritual experience beyond words." - Jyoti Ma, Spiritual director, Grandmothers Council

This leap of faith changed her life as an artist, forever!

Minouche blends her skills with a natural pigment painting technique and with her gifts of healing and of clairvoyance.
Her artwork depicts messages of the sacredness and the interconnectedness of all forms of existence.

Her process starts with deep listening to messages from the invisible world.
Then she moves into a ceremony in which she smudges her art space, supplies, and herself, joyfully chanting the names of the Holy Ones of various faiths.
She prays and sings as she weaves ancient symbols into portraits of people, sacred beings, and nature on large canvases, using earth pigments, gold leaf, and acrylic paints.

Minouche has also survived lung cancer.
"In a way, I found my ‘healing potion’ through spiritual art," she says, smiling.

Minouche Graglia is the featured visionary artist at the Fairfax Community Church in Fairfax, Ca,
where many find themselves praying with her Cosmic Mother painting in order to find solace and guidance.
“I experience each one of Minouche's paintings as a kind of mystical portal that greatly enhances the spiritual energy of the sanctuary space."
- Pastor Kimberly Elliot, Fairfax Community Church.

"My wish is for viewers’ hearts to open to greater love and respect for themselves and for all forms of life, as has my own heart through my painting process."


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