About the Work 

I am an artist of visionary paintings as well as a healer and clairvoyant. Many testified my work to be a healing art for individuals and the planet. 

After 20 years of decorative painting experience, in 2004 I received my first clear message from the spiritual world: “It is time to paint the peace leaders.” I was directed no fewer than three times to the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. I dedicated six months of my life to render this 5x8 feet earth pigments "mural" on canvas called, “Peace Makers,” at a point in my career when I had never painted a single portrait. 

It would change my life as an artist forever. 

I have surrendered to the call ever since. I receive visions and messages from the spiritual world - messages of love and unity that I depict through my artwork. As I paint, I pray and sing sacred songs, I feel there is an Energy moving the brushes in my hand. I call It Spirit or Divine Grace or Love, which is sacred to me. It infuses every stroke I make. Whether they are visible or not, I am guided to integrate specific sacred geometry and ancient symbols holding harmonious energies and Love frequencies. I render them with gold leaf 

When I witness viewers of my pieces moved to tears before these paintings; when they share with me that their hearts are opening - how much they feel loved - how supported - and how the pieces cause them to experience profound healing and transformation; or when they send me grateful messages am moved to tears also. 

I’m deeply grateful to Spirit / Divine Grace for its having entrusted me with the gift of expressing Its infinite Love through my humble hands. As an artist of visionary paintings, led by the spiritual world, I am in service to people who will be touched by my work - and to the planet. 
This is a calling. It is a path of faith and gratitude. 

Here are examples of what viewers have said encountering my works: 

“Looking at this painting, I start to feel love for myself, my healing process has started" -- Eduardo Barr 

“Minouche, I weep openly for its beauty and I feel the vibration of the Sacred Energies pouring out of your art" -- Ashanara Solaris 

"As a pastor of a congregation of Christian mystics, we have invited Minouche to be our artist in resident. We have discovered that her paintings amplify the Spirit
andcarrypower that goes well beyond just paint on canvas. This
isdivinely inspired art which invites transformation.
I have had strong heart experiences by viewing the paintings of this visionary artist, Minouche Graglia and I know many others have as well." 
Rev. Katharine Harts, Fairfax Community Church 

"I was so inspired by your Cosmic Mother painting that I wrote a whole song about your painting!" Lauren Arrow, Songwriter, Voice teacher 

 About the Life that Informs my Work  

I was born in Antibes, France, and grew up between white snow caps and deep blue sea, where the Alps plunge into the Mediterranean. There I deepened an intimate relationship with the elements, with nature and with the people. There I developed a genuine love and respect for the earth and the sacredness of all forms of Life. 

Colors, tastes, and fragrances are all nourishment for my heart and soul. I am still constantly astonished by the beauty and wonder of all creation. 

Yet as a very shy, sensitive and empathic child who saw and felt all that was happening around me, sometimes my heart suffered as a result of human’s actions. And sometimes my heart was filled with Grace. As a little girl, I saw divine grace in the movement of a pristine stream running down a trail, sparkling in the sunlight - like laughter. And it made me happy! I saw - and still perceive sacredness everywhere I look - in everything I see. 

My father was a dedicated healer and my mother a deeply compassionate woman. From both of my parents, I was taught service to others. 

From day one, I was immersed in the ancestral tradition of paint made with natural earth pigments. They were used on the houses among the Mediterranean. There was some left over at my house, I would play with them making “healing potion, searching a cure for cancer." 
At age 10, I have been touched by a Healing Energy that I call Divine Grace. It’s saved my life from severe sunstroke. It set me on a path as a healer. I became a clear channel for Divinity to heal, guide and support people’s spiritual growth. This healing Energy keeps flowing through me 

I carry forth all of that in my art. This is the reason I paint. 

And this is why I am applying for this grant. It is so that I may give form to the vision that I just received. 

It will be called,"The Truth of Creation". 



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