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She called me from across continents


I felt the pull in my Heart...The Love,The silent voice within vibrating,...the familiar buzz in my body of life force divinely infused, deeply moving... tears upwelling

and I knew it was Her: The Mother call me She was Mary.


And all of my being expansively opened and said YES

YES to journey from Fairfax, California to Budapest to meet Her, Mary


I heard the call last year as my friend Matthew was sharing the stories of his travel in the mountains nearby Budapest 

Many times in many ways Spirit / Heart guidance led us. 


I said to Matthew, She is calling me there ..

I will find I don t know what and where led by Mary



 May 16, Matthew and I met in Budapest.

On our way to the mountains, Matthew heard the name of a village named Pillisszanto

As we drive through a vibrant forest toward it I feel my heart expanding again, tears streaming down my chicks, and this time the voice speaks clearly.

"It is a day of transmission¨


I feel so emotional,  conflicted thoughts arising: it s the Voice / no I am making it up / no / yes  ......but my heart knows, it is The Call

There is a mountain to the right, beyond the forest.


Matthew keeps driving to the town he was guided to. Then he does not find anything of interest to be there. (He told me this later)

So he turns around and  now we are facing the mountain

All of my body vibrates, tears of love and beauty...I feel pulled to this mountain by the Energy 


Shyly I asked Matthew:

 ¨Where is the Mother Mary shrine you wanted to show me?

He points out toward the mountains across the valley, opposite from the mountain calling me !!!!! 

Puzzled, I feel conflicted again ...Matthew is a  clear channel and has been successfully following his guidance around the planet for 2 decades.

I have had fewer experiences of that kind 

Shall I keep following Matthew's?

Or my heart's guidance?

 About to give my power away, I realize I am here, maybe for one time in my life, and if I don't trust my guidance I may miss the point of being here. I may miss The Call....

I need to know:

 Can we go there for a  minute? pointing out at the  mountain calling me 

¨Sure¨Matthew smiles


A dirt road  takes us to a flat area facing the mountain's rocky cliff

There, a masterfully sculpted wooden gate, a portal, looking into a vast opening in the rocks below 

Further up, in a distance, a white stone silhouette standing  against  the cliff

Too far to see the details, I first think it s Mary 

To the crumbling stones goat trail going up left a steep

We start climbing. Feet and hands searching for the next safe point of support, life savers!

Thks to the bushes people and baby trees for offering themselves and holding me on this section



At the top

Wonder ! Marvel ! Mind blowing ..The stone chapel of the Virgin Mary !

 Two  towers, guardians of the stone womb 

The iron gate opens squeaking  ....., white, green and  red ribbons

My heart, oh my heart...  15  feet tall stone statue receiving the golden crown held by two angels 

I do not recognize Mary or Jesus....

I am on my knees shaking, weeping and talking to the Mother 

Her Voice now is clear, She talks a long time about how  I followed The call that took me on the journey to the Source 

I came to the Source 

She blesses me 

For my healing work to  touch many many lives 

And She would like me to paint Her in pink and Golden stars !!!! Not in blue !  

My body is in transe, convulsing in deep deep cries

I pray the Mother for healing the planet and the many names I carried in my heart 


I do not know what happened I do not have words to describe the depth and the expansion of this experience 

I did not know what I would find nor where ....

I do not know how this will unfold 

She took me to Her stone chapel womb where the Presence of Christ Consciousness is felt.

This I felt it in my Heart


Later as we were sitting in the most alive and energizing forest, enchanted with birds songs, so many birds, Matthew channeled a beautiful message about the essence of this place .

 We were told we came here to be unified to this beautiful flow of life.


To come back, we found the trail pilgrims walk up to honor Our Lady in this chapel built in 2007

The Stone Chapel of the Virgin Mary is her name

At the entrance of that trail is a board with information about the chapel and two pictures. One is a picture of Mary, the exact same picture I have with me, in my room, for many, many years....On my last day in France, on my way back to California, as I pray to The Mother, I am shown the energy movement of the painting to render.

On December 12 of that year 2016, The Cosmic Mother painting was created.


Since then, She inspires and blesses so many in so beautiful ways!

She is in a place of honor at the Fairfax Community Church, where many come to pray or dance before this sacred painting of The Mother.

 I keep receiving messages of gratitude and testimonies of deep insights and healing 

I am in deep gratitude for being entrusted to render such a holly vision.



here a short video of this chapel I found on Youtube 












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