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"Minouche's work is humble and profound. She carries a spirit of love and healing with her and transmits it to those who see her work." - Quote on Arts and Healing Network Foundation​ nomination

Peace makers grandmothers council painting by Minouche Graglia ,canvas wall,mural, portrait,visionary art,original painting canvas wall, original painting, portrait, mural,visionary art, CSS, California,,

                          "Peace Makers" 13 indigenous grandmothers Council

                     8x5 feet wall canvas. Natural Earth Pigments and Lime-wash



To take a moment and meditate with Minouche's painting "The Peace Makers" is a spiritual experience beyond words."

Jyoti Spiritual Director Center for Sacred Studies
International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

"I will never forget the day in New York when Minouche presented this most amazing painting to the grandmothers. When it was fully open and held toward them so they could have a moment with the painting, all was surrounded in silence. The painting blessed us all as we gazed into it. The spirit of each grandmother was there!! Their story and the prayer they carry is there!! The magic of the Creator was there!


"Peace Makers" the video

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Radiant Blessings to You Minouche for your tender vision of the 'Grandmothers.'

I weep openly for its beauty...and feel the vibration of the Grandmothers Sacred

Energies pouring out of your art and the beautiful voice of Christine. Mitakuye Oyasin Akasa


Minouche, you are incredibly talented. I love your mural....the expressions radiating from these women are amazing. I love their wrinkles.

Christine, I play this over and over with Terre Madre to unwind at bedtime. It's soothing, sacred, and deep.

Thank you  creative woman!!




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