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Welcome to my show at Fairfax Community Church

The Sacred Energies pouring out of 7 of  my visionary paintings as healing art will enchant you.A true transmission, healing with Love ...Fairfax CA. 

 As a pastor of a congregation of Christian mystics, we have invited Minouche to be our artist in resident. This means that for the past several years we have lived with her art work in our worship space and what we have discovered is that these works amplify the Spirit and carry power that goes well beyond just paint on canvas. This is divinely inspired art which invites transformation.


I have had direct spiritual experiences by viewing the paintings of this visionary artist, Minouche Graglia and I know many others have as well.  Members of our church and those who come to our worship space for embodied dance events have told me that they have been captivated by the spiritual energy which emanates from Minouche's paintings.   I am a personal fan of the Black Madonna which captures the deep dark depth of Her and is still illuminated.  I have also had a strong heart experience with the painting of the Cosmic Mother.   All of this may sound like gibberish until you live in the presence of these paintings but I invite you to try it and you too will pay homage to power behind these paintings.


Rev. Katharine Harts

Pastor, Fairfax COMMUNITY Church

Director, The Center for Embodied Spirituality 


I would love a print of the Cosmic Mother. I had a profound experience and healing through it at ecstatic dance in Fairfax. Many thanks and Blessings , Cara 

Sacred Art,Interior Decor,

Yuba River says: "I was so inspired by Cosmic Mother that I wrote a whole song about your painting!"

Sundew Amber Mosher wrote: Minouche,I had a powerful dance with your Black Madonna at FCC. Wow. Galactically spectacular she is!

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