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Visionary Art 
Original.Natural and Green Earth Pigments
66" x 67"  ( 168cm x 170cm ) canvas wall


Price: $13.000


This painting is on canvas free of frame.
The inspiration
"At the beginning, the seed of Life was in the Heart.
Then it went further down.
We created you in Our Heart."
Said the stone I was holding.
Then later, as I was in the presence of the crystal skull

Sha Na Rah,I received this magnificent vision
and how Life was born on Earth
from the same Source.

Giclee print on canvas available 

Terra Madre 2012  the video  Here

Method of payment and Shipping information

Terra Madre 2012 Copyright ©2012 Minouche Graglia. All rights reserved


Terra Madre 2012 the shift
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