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" Minouche' s brush moves with the precision and the ambitious beauty of many lineages of European mural art, and her finishing touch combining earth pigments and unpredictable materials, makes your walls a miracle...Imagine living in your space as an art piece...It as been absolute delight to share her healing art work."

Sylvia Nakkach,musician,composer and educator.  Vox Mundi. school of the voice . Emeryville CA

" Minouche is an artist healer, with 25 years of experience in earth pigments painting technique, lime-wash, faux finish and murals in Europe and California, through Spiritual guidance, she blends her expertise as an artist with her gift for home healing-space clearing, intuitive decorative painting, energy balancing and healing mandalas...

Çircle of Wise Women  .Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center   .San Francisco  CA


"Minouche’s wonderful fresco of Bon Tempe lake has transformed my bedroom!  The landscape is serene, spacious and beautiful.  The colors are warm and rich; they glow as if they were in sunlight.  Minouche is a genius with lime-wash and natural pigments – I have never seen anything like it.  Her intuition guided her to bring water into the room to balance the energy.  It is perfect for me!  I grew up near lakes and I miss them, so the scene is the perfect blending of my love for both Minnesota and Marin!  The hummingbirds add the final touch of joy and life. I sleep and wake peacefully with this mural."
Johanna Sherlin

"Minouche's talent stretches into multiple quantum fields of art. She is a portrait artist, landscape as well as Sacred Geometry specialist. She brings to these areas a warmth of heart centered artistry that imbues the work with dignity, grace and beauty. I recommend Minouch for any project she determines is the right match for her passion, artistry and immense gifts. Jan cercone. Song and Spirit center.PT Richmond

"We had the most fortuitous opportunity to have the Peacemakers
painting by Minouche at the launch of our “Grace for the Planet Series” for Samadhi Life ( The literal effect the Grandmothers had on our event, through Minouche’s Peacemakers was palpable. Peacemakers is not only a brilliant art piece, it is infused with the energy and essence of the Grandmothers, through the loving strokes of Minouche. Everyone at our gathering felt it; many commented on how Peacemakers affected their heart opening, it was such an honor for all of us."
Icasiana Barrs
Founder and CEO, Samadhi Life, Inc.

"I will never forget the day in New York when Minouche presented this most amazing painting to the grandmothers. When it was fully open and held toward them so they could have a moment with the painting, all was surrounded in silence. The painting blessed us all as we gazed into it. The spirit of each grandmother was there!! Their story and the prayer they carry is there!! The magic of the Creator was there! To take a moment and meditate with Minouche's painting "The Peace Makers" is a spiritual experience beyond words." 

Jyoti Spiritual Director
Center for Sacred Studies
International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers




"In front of this beautiful mural,my heart expands.
The colors soften myself, give me calm, tranquility and serenity-the shape of the mountains makes me feel I can explore more above the horizon line and above my own limitations, opening my mind to new fields \, new hopes I feel blessed by this landscape that heals my sadness and anxiety. When I plunge my eyes in the water of the lake ,my worries desappear, washed away,
and I know I clear myself, my soul and my spirit.
It is a work of great Love and I thanks the artist, Minouche, to be such a healer."

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