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For The Love of The Great Barrier Reef

For the Love of the Great Barrier Reef 


The Great Barrier Reef

The painting is 10 x 6 feet.made with natural earth pigments, gold powder and nontoxic binder on cotton  canvas

.When I was physically challenged by a mysterious dizziness, making
walking difficult, my Spirit guide suggested that I focus on using my skills as an
artist and healer for the good of all. Shortly after that, within 2 minutes my spiritual teacher
asked me if I may be inspired to paint the Great Barrier Reef. My heart and all of
my being enthusiastically said yes!

After working long hours for nearly 6 months, I finished the painting and was able
to put my cane away and walk strong and straight!

Hand painted copies any sizes and giclee print on canvas available 

My intention for this painting is to bring awareness of the wonder of nature and the grave danger this
world life-sustaining ecosystem is undergoing, dying from corporate greed
and climate change.

We need to heal the Great Barrier Reef and our oceans.
I invite individuals and organizations that care for our oceans to showcase this painting to inspire people to take action.


This unique visionary art painting is available to purchase.

Become the caretaker of the Original and an advocate for the Great Barrier Reef,

please contact me f

Custom sizes on Fine art paper or giclee canvas



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