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From science, ancient painting technique, alternative medicine and Mysticism, 
1999 -2018 Reiki master, quantum healing energy, Zhi Neng Medicine and various healing modality, 

Mystic consul practitioner, Ankar-Muse, Fairfax.CA 
1990-1993, self-taught, clay animated documentary, awarded twice 1st place -1991 Nice and 1991 Biarritz. France 
1989 -1993, studied with Maurice Peltier, fine art and decorative painting mentor, Nice, France 
1994, Diploma of San Servolo, International school of fresco, Venice, Italy. 
1978, Bachelor's degree, Pharmacology, Nice France. 

Selected painting experience 
I learned fresco technique using natural earth pigments and non-toxic binder. I use these to render all my paintings. I have recently integrated gold leaf and powder from gemstones for their healing properties and uplifting frequencies.. 

- Visionary paintings 
2017 The Cosmic Mother, the church of Our Lady, Pillisanto, Hungary 
2016 for The Love of The Great Barrier Reef, San Rafael, CA 
2015 The Black Madonna, Taos, CA 
2014 Brigid - Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Fairfax,CA

2013 Ancient wisdom, Fairfax CA 
2012 Prayers for the Children, Center For Sacred Studies, Guerneville, CA 
2011 Terra Madre, Fairfax, CA 
2010 Gaia"s Wombe, Fairfax, CA 
2009 Heart Awareness, Fairfax, CA 
2008 Peacemakers,13 Indigenous grandmothers Council, Ithaca, NY 

- Decorative paintings Europe 
1985 - 1993 Fresco and Murals\ with Maurice Peltier 
1988- 1992, Fresco and Murals\, France and Principality of Monaco. 
1992, Pavilion of Monaco murals, “LA Expo” International exhibition, Sevilla, Spain. 
1991, Fresco restoration, Cathedral of Beaulieu, France 

The Music of my Heart exhibit, Santa Fe, NM. Spring 2019
The Truth of Creation, visionary painting, 2018, in process 
When I was shown the new vision to paint, I cried the tears of joy for its beauty! The Truth of Creation, an intricate tapestry depicting our interconnectedness with all of existence, inspiring love and respect. It will be rendered with gold powder only for its properties to hold and radiate out the Love frequencies embedded while painting and later being viewed. 

Exhibitions: Selected Solo 
An unusual path of painting, an unusual path of Exhibition. Living art pieces they have their own momentum. My paintings are literally called by owners and founders of spiritual and healing centers as well as churches to be showcased. 

- France 
2016 Prayers for the Children, Lourdes. France 
2015 Rencontre Chamanique, Fonroque, France. 

- USA 
2016 - 2018, 9 visionary paintings, Fairfax Community Church, Fairfax CA 
2012 - 2015, 3 Visionary paintings, Center for Sacred Studies Guerneville CA 
2013 - Gratitude Power, Point Richmond, CA 
2012 - The Golden Child, The Path, Estancia New Mexico 
2008 Peace Makers, 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council, Ithaca NY upstate. 
Since then this painting is featured at each grandmothers gathering around the planet. 

Mystic apprentice: Meditative skills, Cover, vol.3,Ankar-Muse publisher, November 2011 
Sacred Journey, Cover, vol.62, Spring 2011 
Holistic Health networker, Cover, Vol.13. Spring, 2011 

Selected Essays/Reviews/Press 
2018 Interview, Lightbox dialogues 
2012 Terra Madre, Worldpulse, posts/ 8943# 
2011, Holistic Health networker, Vol.13.Spring, 2011 
2008, 13 Indigenous grandmothers painting, Worldpulse, posts/5037 

1999-2005, Art project director for fundraisers, Marin county schools, CA 
2002- French Lycee, Art teacher, Corte Madera, CA 
2002-2018 Public and private workshops, classes, painting as a healing art, in California and France. 
2001-2008 Private art classes, children 5 to 13 y.o. and adults Mill Valley 

Selected Grants/Awards 
2017, Moonlitfilms, donor 
Circlecenter grant 
Circlecenter grant 

Selected Residencies 
, studio residency, Circlecenter, Fairfax,CA 
, studio residency, Circlecenter, San Rafael,CA 
2017- 2018, studio residency, Fairfax Community Church, Fairfax 

Selected Commission 
2018, - 2017 Fairfax Community Church, Fairfax, CA 
2017, Our Lady chapel., Boldogasszony kápolna Pilisszántó, Hungary 
2016 Margot Fonteyn Academy, New York, NY. 
2012, The Golden Child Temple, The Path, Estancia NM 

Selected Collection 
Private collection, Palace of the Queen of Mysore, India 
Private collection, Kim Rosen, Author, Fairfax. CA 
Private collection, Flordemayo, Estancia. NM 
Private Collection, The international council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers,

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