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Terra Madre 2012 " the Shift"

""I love the way you call your painting 'mam_earth. It is earthy and seems familiar; and then I go into the details and glimpse the sublime!



​Visionary Artist : Minouche Graglia

As I was holding a stone, I was hearing :
" At the beginning, the seed of life was in the Heart center, then it went further down. We created you from our Heart."
Then soon after, as I was in the presence of the crystal skull Sha Na Ra at the Song and Spirit center, I received this magnificent vision and how Life was born on Earth. All from the same Source. The Heart center.
And I painted "Terra Madre", our Mother Earth.

Deep gratitude to Christine Hodil who sang her beautiful inspired vocals of the painting. Visit her at .

This is the video montage of the painting Terra Madre 2012 "the Shift" by Minouche Graglia Vocals Christine Hodil. Please note that the website Earthspiritdecor in the credits is no longer existing. For more information about Minouche Graglia Decorative Painting and Visionary Healing Art contact ;​. Thank you


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