Minouche's Health Fundraiser

Welcome to my fundraiser page for medical treatments costs. Thank you for being here !


Most of you know me as a visionary artist, healer, guide and volunteer with projects and services, dedicated to health, emergency food, children education and the International Council of Grandmother at times.  Through most of these years I've had health challenges of my own,  but they have been manageable in some ways.   Now, alas, this has changed.


Two months ago I awoke in the middle of the night with strong vertigo crisis and that began a long journey into both the outer world of medical tests and treatment and the inner world of self-healing and learning .  Here's where I am now:

\My ongoing symptoms are dizziness, difficulty walking, loss of balance and deep fatigue.  These symptoms may be related to an inner ear with bacterial infection from Lyme disease, and / or, something else yet un diagnosted. The first  brain MRI  has shown 2 findings, enlarged pituitary gland and white matter. More test and a diagnosis by a neuro surgeon are needed .


But none of this comes cheaply. from I have already exhausted my own financial resources and have gone into debt as I face the dual challenge of increased medical costs ( wich some are not covered by my insurance) and the decreased ability to work to bring in income to pay for them.  Which is why I am turning to my friends and community.  There are several ways you can help, ranging from buying one of my paintings, booking  a distance healing or making a direct contribution through PayPal as shown below.


What your heartfelt and generous participation in this fundraiser will help cover:

This is a first estimate.....more may show up !

Medication and treatments for the next two month (not covered by insurance):

immediate Medication:  $470

Physical assessment:  $125

Physical Therapy:  $680  

Supplements essential to support the healing process:  $450

Acupuncture / energy healing:  $640

Counceling : $640

Transportation to medical appointments through Lyft:  $500

Antibiotics - 6 month treatment :  $1800  


 Did you say Perks ? I'll be happy to offer a gift certificate distance healing / guidance for any donation of $100 and up, on request.


                          To send your generous donation to abundanceflow9@gmail.com

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                      . Thank you !


or Buy a painting 






 have moved from my home into a friend's house because at the moment I can't manage on my own.  


But I don;t give in easily (if at all!) so each morning, I program my mind to walk an extra few minutes and, with the help of a cane, I leave the house and mindfully walk around a nearby field, sending prayers for the goodness of all with every step. I now walk 25 minutes !


My deep love and gratitude,



And the ongoing Monthly expenses for the next two months

Basic ongoing house - related costs (i.e. rent, etc.):  $1500

Food and miscellaneous:  $800 / month


Refunding borrowed money over the last two months:  $1000